Hey guys guess who’s got a preview for his solo album.

It’s this guy.

This isn’t a finished version at all, but I think it’ll make a good preview. I’m also hoping that I’m not giving very much away with this MASSIVE AMOUNT OF GIVING AWAY, but who knows!! Here’s what’s inside:

0:00: S—ri-e
1:12: T-e —ra-ch
2:10: F-y-n- C—
2:50: —-e —-r
3:37: —nt—-P
4:06: —-h-r
4:47: S—i-n —-ap-e-
5:42: —r—l- Cl—d
6:50: -nd—f-o-
7:28: O—o—r

Oh no! Some letters got stolen!

Yeeeeah I’m not giving away that information THAT easy. I’m also not saying what the solo album is about, persay, though I think some of the more perceptive of you out there might be able to guess.

BUT REGARDLESS, hope you enjoy!!!!!! I’ve got like 3.2 more tracks to make for it and it’ll be done.


(i already know but this is still an amazing album)

Every time I check out Jeremy's stream and see you two working together it's always a treat. You both bring a completely different vibe to a song and it's amazing. I'm certain that if you made a solo album it would be the most kickass thing in the world.

Oh gosh ;A;

Thank you so much! I’ll have to do my best on this album, just for you guys! <3

or maybe there will be TWO PEOPLE THAT BUY YOUR ALBUM -puts hand in-

Gosh thanks! :D

I hope it's called "On Guitar"

On Guitar: The Life and Teachings of Nick Smalley